We provide fire and emergency services to the town of Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Our coverage area is the 24 square miles of Haddam Neck.  We also provide mutual aid to the towns of East Hampton and East Haddam when called upon. An automatic mutual aid response is established with the town of East Hampton.

Response order for Haddam Neck Fire Department apparatus and personnel:

Structure Fires: Engine 16 and personnel to respond

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Rescue 16 and Engine 16 respond

CO Detector: Rescue 16 respond

Fire Alarms: Engine 16 and personnel

Response Area:

  • Haddam Neck Road from the town line to Rout 151 (Moodus Rd.)
  • Route 151 (Moodus Rd.) from Hurd Park Road to Pine Brook Road
  • Hurd Park Road to Clarkhurst Road
  • Green Road off Route 151 (Moodus Road)
  • Wilkes Road
  • Sexton Hill Road off Route 151
  • Route 196 (Young Street) to Wopowog Road